Chirila made something that made me write something

Today as I was lurkingly looking in my messenger list I saw a link on someone’s status to a youtube clip, and since that person is ok in my book, I decided to check it out. Turns out it’s a video for a Vama song, “Pe sarma” to be more specific. My opinion of Vama […]

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Why blogging should be illegal

After a long absence due to an unusual lack of hatred, I return feeling strong ill-will and hostility. This is towards a queer with a blog, but it is exponentially amplified by considerable amounts of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide dripped on “wild flesh”, as it so vividly described by my Hungarian chiropodist, caused by a […]

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Information about me will be given only to virgin girls of full age, black girls with large asses or very handsome men. The rest of you will just have to guess how my farts smell.